Monday, October 10, 2011

Half Full

What a wonderful fall break!

Thursday morning the kids slept in as Brantlee and I enjoyed a few cups of coffee on the back porch...the weather was perfect. Early morning, cool, crisp air with beautiful blue skies! Soon we heard footsteps emerging on us. Four sweet sleepy eyed kids so excited to be headed to Cumming to visit their cousins. After convincing them to let us finish our last cup of coffee it was game on...get dressed, rush around, pack, feed the cat...and we are off!

While we had lunch in Columbus, Brantlee asked me how I would feel about driving through Atlanta. (Haven't we been married for 15 years...doesn't he know I HATE driving through Atlanta?) With a little bit of attitude I responded, "if you needed to work on the way up, couldn't you have at least done it between Albany and Columbus?"   Little did I know he had a Lawrence side adventure in mind. (Why was a surprised?  This is Brantlee. Of course he did.) Then came his "great" plan. He wanted me to drop the 5 of them off at the Atlanta airport and let them ride Marta to the North Springs exit. ARE YOU CRAZY? WHAT ? WHY? And in true Brantlee fashion, he responded, Why not?   It would be a fun new experience for children... interesting, entertaining and a bit educational. Well okay! I dropped them off and white knuckled it through downtown. The kids thought it was great. They jumped back in the car and started telling me about it all at the same time. Who knew Marta could be so fun? And as always, they tell me how "cool" and "awesome" their daddy is! 

The children were thrilled to be at their cousins house and I was extremely happy to be out of the car. Amy and I had a great time catching up...enjoying the weather on her porch. She was keeping the children for us Friday night. Brantlee and I had made plans to see Chris Knight at Smith's Old Bar. We left Friday morning and enjoyed a fun, kid free, day and night.  We met up with friends for lunch and dinner. It has been a long difficult 3 weeks of Brantlee traveling and me home with was so nice to have some time to ourselves.(Thank you, Aunt Amy!!!) Saturday morning we headed back to Amy's for a day and night of football, pool (in their AWESOME newly refinished basement) and grilling out!

Sunday morning rolled around and it was time to head south...back to reality! I was cranky and the children did not want to leave...this should be a fun ride home.   As we headed south on 75 the walls seemed to close in on me...I could feel the anxiety creeping up... we go again...Brantlee is flying to North Carolina tomorrow...gone all will Clay do this school...STOP...have a chat with God, readjust my attitude...I refuse to dread a week that has not even started...I am tired, yet refreshed from a nice relaxing's going to be positive...focus on all the thankful!!!  (I stop and wonder if other people talk to themeselves as much as I talk to myself?)

Is my glass going to be half empty or half full this week...I know the last 3 weeks it has been a toss-up depending on the hour or minute you asked me...but not this week, regardless of what we have going on, where Brantlee travels, or how Clay feels...this week, the glass is half full!

I am happy to report that as of right now, Clay is at school. I am half way through the laundry and my grocery list. This week is going to a good one!   Next weekend we are headed to Pensacola for Elizabeth's wedding. What a special time for her and our family. My glass may be completely full before this week is up!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Frustration:  The only word that comes to mind...
Oh, I know things will be okay, eventually, and that there are people with terminal illnesses, fighting battles with cancer, spouses headed off to troubles don't amount to a hill of beans compared to theirs...but to me, today, they feel like mountains...

The way it has all gone down...because the days are running together
September 15- Clay takes a hard hit in his football game.  "He is fine," says all the men on the field.  We head "mommy-dar" goes off...we head to the ER where they confirm a concussion.  Should be better in a few days.

September 16- Check in with Dr. Wahbeh like ER doctor told us too.   Clay is completely dazed and confused but he should be notably better by Monday.  We have a rough weekend. 

September 19 -We send him to school.  The doc said he would be better but not to return to activities for 2 week.   He returns from school and crumbles into pieces...terrible day, terrible headache. I now look back on my blog the day before...I knew something was wrong. I did not listen to my "mommy-dar" I knew better...I knew he was not right!

September 20- Go back to the doctor. Okay, the concussion is worse than we thought.  Stay home the rest of the week.  Take Tylenol with Codeine for the pain and sleeplessness.  Check in with him next Monday before sending him back.

September 26- 12 days after the concussion...head to Dr. Wahbeh's office, he walks in the room, takes one look at Clay and sends us to Macon to see a pediatric neurologist.  My little man is BEYOND miserable and my nerves are SHOT!

September 28- WOW, they got us in quick!  Brantlee, Clay and I head to Macon.  Meet with the specialist and are comfortable with the PCS diagnosis.  PCS is not very common but he assured us he would completely recover with no lasting problems.  The average recovery time is 4-8 weeks. (Deep breath.)  Okay...what about school? Try to send him one more time and if he can't handle it, hospital home bound him.   WHAT???  WHY???  The doctor explains to us that when you have PCS loud noises, bright lights, concentration, reading...all these things trigger headaches or make existing ones worse...WELL...that is a problem because noise, light, concentrating,

September 29- He lasted 45 minutes at school.  The teacher was holding him up as she walked him to me.  That's it....we are done.  Where is the paper work for HHB?

October 1 - PRAISE THE LORD....Clay is full of energy, running around the yard, walks with me to Lake Park to play, throws the football with the neighbors...outside all day...back to his old self. Brantlee and I were so happy and relieved!

October 2 - CRASH...miserable all through church, get home and his body never left the sofa. He can't be lured by a game of kickball, an offer to go fishing...nothing.   Can you say ROLLER COASTER?  Just the day before I was ready to throw the HHB papers away, send him to school.  What has happened?  Okay, Brantlee and I decide he over did it on Saturday and will bounce back and be ready for school on Monday. 

October 3- Not a chance...I fax the HHB papers to DOCO central office.   He did manage to play outside a few hours, my hopes soared that he was again turning the corner...but then...back in bed. 

Which leads me to today...the day of complete FRUSTRATION....I know this is a 4-8 week deal...but what was up with Saturday.  He cries wanting to go to school...he is so sick of this house and feeling miserable...he is tied up in knots with energy...

So, here I am, going to look for the positives, the blessings...
Positive-I have learned how to play 2 new board games and learned that I stink at them both!
Positive-Clay and I have had some special time talking, just sitting outside...the weather is AWESOME!
Positive-it is a short school week because of Fall break...only 3 days worth of make up work
Positive-I know in my heart that as my daddy has always said, "this too shall pass!"
Positive-I have talked to God a bit more than usual these past 3 weeks...