Saturday, September 24, 2011

I thought she had a black rope in her mouth...

As we rushed around grabbing a piece of pizza, changing clothes and getting ready to head out the door for opening night of Logan's play, Aristocats, Clay started screaming that there was a snake in the house.  This comment meant nothing to one ear and out the other...never gave it a second thought.  I cannot count how many times he has said that or how many fake, rubber, and very life like snakes he has.   Meme, Logan and I were about to head out the door.  I did not have time for this.  I went to kiss him goodbye and saw him on his knees in the den under the table.   REALLY....YEP....there it was...a 3 foot long, skinny, black snake coiled up under the table.

My favorite line of the day came next when my dad calmly said, "I thought I saw the kitty with a black rope in her mouth."  Nope, not a rope, a snake.  Dang cat!!!  The kids went nuts!  Everyone was screaming, standing on top of the furniture.  Brantlee tried to get it with the broom and dust pan but it streched itself out, slivered off the dust pan and under the book shelf.   WE GOTTA GO!!!  Logan has to be at LCHS at 6:00.  Clay was going nuts, the girls were standing on top of the furniture screaming and my mom and dad just stood back in shock.  Yep, this is the way we roll at the Lawrence house.  Never a dull moment! 

I knew Clay was going to knock himself out, he was so fired up and excited.  The snake was not cooperating with Brantlee so he took a step back and said, "we'll just get it when we get home."  For a second, much to their disbelief, I think my parents believed him.   I found an old curtain rod with a hook on the end and Brantlee was able to hook him around it and tossed him out the door.  Clay, Lawson and the cat followed closely behind to stalk the snake down again.  Meme, Logan and I headed out the door.

The play was awesome!  I was so impressed with Logan and how relaxed and at ease she was on stage.  I thought my heart would burst right out of my chest with pride.  At the end of the play, I cried!  Where did that come from??  She had told us that in the final song of the play she (and other alley cats) would jump off the stage and dance right in front of the audience.  Evelyn sat awe struck when Logan danced right in front of her with the lights low, music loud and the whole crowd singing.  It was an awesome performance and yes I am biased.  This was Logan's first stage performance but I know now that it will not be her last. 

We came home and had a belated birthday party for my mom.  With the children all jacked up on chocolate cake and soda, the adults headed to bed :-)  As I climbed into my bed... pushing my feet down under the covers...what gets caught between my toes...but one of Clay's cold plastic snakes.  

I smile knowing that my old Clay is back!  He is out of the drug induced fog he has lived in the past week and he is going to be okay!

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