Friday, September 16, 2011

Oh boy...Clay does it again

Yesterday I was thinking about my blog...and now that I started one...what next...what do I write about...well, here is another entry into the Lawrence children's virtual baby book.

Yesterday was the first football game of the season.  Logan had play practice from 6-8, Lawson had soccer practice from 5:30-6:30 and Clay had a game from 6-7.  I hated the idea of missing his game but Brantlee and I decided to divide and concur.  I was excited when Brantlee text me at soccer practice to let me know that Clay's game started 30 minutes late.  GREAT!  We will make the second half. 

I found Brantlee tailgating with the Plowden's.   We all hung out on the outside of the fence and watched the game.  I decided to move so I could see better...when I looked up, there was a player down...after half a minute I looked at Brantlee and asked if it was Clay. I knew the answer by the look on his face.  I have learned to hold back the urge to act like a hysterical mom and run on the field.  Instead I try to hold back, let the coaches do their jobs I waited....and waited...I saw the coaches make the teams take a knee....then make the players remove their helmets...that was it...I ran around half the field to get to the gate.  Somehow when I got there, Brantlee was already by Clay.  How did he beat me to Clay?   The adults on the field kept telling me, he can move everything, he never lost consciousness. Okay...I know that is all good but....he was bawling, his head was killing him.  When he came off the field Brantlee and I sat with him for the last few minutes of the game.   That's when Brantlee told me he jumped the (7 foot) fence when he heard someone mention calling an ambulance. 

On the way home Clay got very upset saying his head was killing him, he was dizzy, he thought he was going to throw up, his legs were tingling.....I just prayed, "Oh Lord, let him be okay!"  Brantlee and I pulled over on the side of the road and I put Lawson and Evelyn in his truck.  We headed to the ER.

The doctor was not "happy" with the quick neuro test (squeeze my hands, stand up, put your hands out...close your eyes....)  and ordered a CT.   Four hours later we were sent home with a diagnosis of a concussion, to be woken up every 2 hours and to see our pediatrician first thing in the morning for a follow up neuro test. 

We did all that.  He is going to be okay, just dazed, confuse, very sleepy and a little slow.  He should be notably better by Monday or to come back to see the doctor.  Now for the nothing...NOTHING...for 2 weeks.  Do you know Clay?  Have you ever seen him sit still for very long?  He could give himself a concussion watching GATOR football.  No riding his bike to school, no getting in his tree house, no swinging, no scooter, no skateboard (Dah!) no basketball,no back yard soccer, no running...nothing...nothing. 

I now know what my mother-in-law means when she said, "they (children) will keep you on your knees!"

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  1. Poor Clay. I sure hope he is feeling better (and your Mommy's heart has started beating properly again.)